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About Us

Our story.

How We Started...

Welcome to Ultima Active! This brand was created by Ashlee Mane in Bakersfield, California during the year 2020. Yup. Right smack in the middle of the rolling shutdowns. Ashlee almost delayed the launch but like so many strong women in her life, when she sets her sights on something, there's no stopping her.

She recognized the need for a women-owned fitness apparel brand that didn't seek to capitalize on one side of femininity. She wanted to create styles that were sexy AND functional. Fashionable yet flattering and classic enough to rock from year to year, and durable enough to keep up with you. Instead of focusing on chasing trends with "fast fashion", we create pieces that transition from the gym to everyday wear, and that last, which is good for the environment, good for your bank account and saves time. Because who wants to buy the same black leggings year after year?

Our Mission...

Clothing may not change the world, but the women who wear it will. We capture our designs on women from all different walks of life and diverse backgrounds. We understand that every woman is unique, from the curves on her body to the challenges she faces in her life and the circumstances given. As a team and as women, we feel it is essential for all women to be seen and celebrated. We full-heartedly believe in making each woman's strength, beauty, and power known to her and helping her express those unique qualities with each piece that we launch.

We take pride in our pieces, message, team, and brand. We hope that every one of you gets to experience what it is like to be a part of the Ultima Active community!

Our product.


Shorts that don't ride up.


Flattering squat proof leggings.

Ultima Active , Sunrise Set , Every woman is an athlete , Ashlee Mane IFBB Pro

High Quality & Style

Pieces that keep up with fashion and your busy lifestyle.


After a decade of training for competitions, training clients, and traveling, Ashlee was FED UP. She grew tired of shorts that rode up after a set of mountain climbers, leggings that weren't squat proof or had to constantly be adjusted and pieces that just couldn't keep up. Keep up with her life running from the gym to lunch with friends. Keep up with multiple washes in a month due to a consistent training schedule. She also grew tired of buying pieces that followed trends that faded too quickly to justify the price.

Ashlee combined her love for fashion designed for an active lifestyle with her passion for fitness to create beautiful, high-quality, and functional pieces. She wanted to provide an experience for customers unlike any other. One that sees women as hard working, sexy, athletes, moms (cat and dog moms count) business owners and more. Customers loved the flattering designs, high-quality fabrics, how amazing the pieces fit, and the imagery we promote. The launch of the first collection was out of her home with a small team and it continued to grow from there.